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All Photographs in this website provided by Algarve Photographer Vitor Pina

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Portugal Projects providing you with:

  • Fully reviewed and approved service providers – from general contractors to painters to house cleaners, we will share the best resources in the region.
  • Two to three quotes/budgets – so you can determine the best fit for your property projects.
  • Schedule and hold contractor’s meeting – if you are out of town or unable to attend the meetings with contractors, we will go in your place and report information back to you.
  • Payment to all service providers in one place – no need to set up a payment process for each provider, we simplify your life with a single payment point.
  • Regularly scheduled site visits – if you are unable to visit your job site regularly, we will do it for you and provide updated information and pictures so you know exactly what is happening at all times.
  • Translation services – making communication between you and service providers clear and straightforward.

Why should you invest in the Algarve?

Portugal Projects is here to make all your home ownership and renovation projects as easy as possible!

1. Amazing weather.

The Algarve enjoys about 3,300 hours of sunshine per year, meaning more sunny days than almost anywhere else in Europe

2. Great beaches.

The Algarve boasts over 100 miles of coastline with gorgeous rock formations, blue lagoons and extensive sandy beaches; many awarded coveted blue flags from the European Blue Flag Association.

3. Food and wine!

Portugal cuisine has many Mediterranean influences and is known for its delicious fresh fish and abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables and a meal out is always fabulously affordable. Don’t forget the wine – Portugal has experienced a wine renaissance and is no longer only about Port.  You can find amazing red, white, and green wines at a tremendous value.

4. Undervalued Property Market.

Real estate in Portugal is undervalued and among the most affordable in Europe. Real estate in the Algarve offers extremely favorable price-to-income ratios (a measure of affordability) in the region.

5. Tax free pensions.

Recent legislation allows resident foreign retirees to receive pension income in the country tax-free (check with a local residence attorney for up-to-date information).

6. History.

Portugal is proud to have a fascinating history as one of the oldest countries in Europe.  As you drive through the Algarve, you will be able to view the rich heritage of Portugal with our many castles, fortresses and cathedrals.

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